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31 December 2011 @ 09:36 am
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siriuslyjames ↔ the voldemort to my quirrell ♥
crimsonkitty88 ↔ the microwave to my bean burrito ♥
sweetdreamer24 ↔ the vanessa hudgens to my zac efron ♥
alovelyfix ↔ the chandler bing to my joey tribianni ♥
thankthatstar ↔ the sam to my freddie ♥
time_to_write ↔ the donna to my doctor ♥
averman ↔ the gay to my fabulous ♥
shadybrightside ↔ the santana to my brittany ♥
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Have you ever wanted to just post an awesome gif and show the world that you have it but you've never found an appropriate time? THAT TIME HAS COME, MY FRIENDS!


+ Post gifs in the comments.
+ Steal other peoples gifs.
+ Spread the gif love! Invite others over! This post is public, baby!
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13 December 2009 @ 08:17 pm
I want to throw a gif party. Because, lately, I've been saving all the gifs I can. And I know that yall have some good ones. So I think we should throw one. I'll leave the entry public so if you want to link to it on your journal so your friends can join in that will be a-okay. Spread the love.

So bring it on. Give me your best gifs, hell even your worst gifs, that you have saved up. Lets have some fun!
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'Tis your birthday, it's true, it's true
So here's a limerick just for you
Now you party all night long
and even have people sing you a song
happiest of birthdays from me to you.

I know I was talking about doing a graphic for you but I am currently drained of creativity, bb. So there ya go. Now you're 18 and can get into clubs and not drink at all! but that's cool, right? at least you're legal. <3 I hope your day was amazing, love.

This is for winehouse, btw. <3 Love my Derick.
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13 October 2009 @ 04:28 pm
Title: It's Up To You
Author: miss_emily08
Rating: PG if that.
Summary/Notes: Well...It's pretty much how I wish 106 had ended. So spoilers for it I guess. xD It's unbeta'd so, yeah...don't be too hard, please. xD I don't even know how good it's gonna be. I just wrote it while I was in class so as to keep awake. Lol. So it might just be a load of rubbish. LOL. Oh well.
Ships: Will/Emma, Will/Terri, Ken/Emma

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