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our laughter reached to heaven
while our sorrows went to hell

emily. stephen f. austin state university. college sophomore. english major. children's literature minor. 20 years old. tv addict. movie lover. book whore. music junkie. i've got amazing friends.

buffy. bones. glee. doctor who. supernatural. skins. torchwood. friends. lost. psych. the big bang theory. community. queer as folk. gilmore girls // the fall. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. bridge to terabithia. harry potter films. french films. c.r.a.z.y. // bon iver. blue october. adele. soundtracks. glee covers. // a very potter musical.

a very potter musical, across the universe, alexis bledel, barack obama, bbc, benjamin linus, billie piper, blue october, bob dylan, bones, books, captain jack harkness, celine dion, chi mcbride, children's literature, christmas music, clue, david boreanaz, david schwimmer, david tennant, dean winchester, deeply, demi lovato, dev patel, disney, disney channel, doctor who, dominic monaghan, dylan and cole sprouse, eddie izzard, ellen degeneres, emilie de ravin, emily deschanel, evangeline lilly, freema agyeman, friends, gale harold, gay movies, gilmore girls, glee, hal sparks, hannah montana, harry potter, harvey milk, high school musical, home improvement, hsm, hsm2, hsm3, icarly, j.k. rowling, jared padelecki, jaye/eric, jenna fischer, jennifer aniston, jensen ackles, jerry trainor, jim parsons, joe jonas, john krasinski, jonas brothers, julie andrews, justin/brian, kaley cuoco, kate winslet, keira knightley, kevin jonas, kristin chenoweth, lauren graham, lee pace, lindsey shaw, lost, lucas grabeel, marley and me, mayday parade, meg cabot, memoirs of a geisha, merlin, michael emerson, milk, milo ventimiglia, miranda cosgrove, monk, movies, music, musicals, nick jonas, nine, owl city, pride and prejudice, psych, pushing daisies, queer as folk, ralph fiennes, randy harrison, reading, rocky horror, rose/nine, rose/ten, sam winchester, sean penn, selena gomez, sfasu, skins, slumdog millionaire, stephenie meyer, supernatural, ten, ten things, the beatles, the big bang theory, the fall, the host, the office, the reader, the who, tim curry, torchwood, tv, twilight, vanessa hudgens, voldemort/quirrell, were the world mine, whale wars, wonderfalls, zac efron